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Savings Products

Regular Share Account:

To become a member of Northern Indiana F.C.U. you must open a savings or “share” account and keep a minimum balance of $25.00. Your deposit of $25.00 makes you an owner of Northern Indiana F.C.U. and opens the doors to the endless financial opportunities we offer.

Share Certificates:
If you’re looking for a more long-term investment at a higher return rate, our share certificates are suited for you. With terms ranging from 3 to 30 months you are sure to find the certificate that suits your needs.

Money Market Accounts
We offer a tiered rate account designed to provided you with the best return based on your current balance. From balances as little as $2500.00 to more than $50,000, there's a tier to fit your needs.

Individual Retirement Accounts are a great way to save towards all of life’s major expenses, retirement, first home, education and more. We offer great interest rates. Contact us today to find out which I.R.A. is best for you.

Christmas Club
Our Christmas club accounts allow you to save throughout the year for all of your holiday expenses. We offer payroll deduction or you may manually make deposits to the Christmas Club. Christmas Club accounts officially start on November 1 and pay out on October 31st of the following year.

Vacation Club and Funds Manager
If you want to put some money aside for vacation, car insurance, school tuition, or any other expense, our vacation and funds manager accounts allow you keep your special expenses separated from your spending cash. 

Dollars for U
This special account was created with the graduate in mind. The Dollars for U account is a special interest bearing account that offers monetary incentives and allows the graduates family and friends to directly deposit graduation gifts to the account. At Northern Indiana F.C.U. we invest in “U”.

Youth Accounts
Teach young ones the value of a dollar and the importance of saving. Our youth accounts are a great way to give our youth the tools needed to become a financially responsible adult.  

Direct Deposit/Payroll Deduction
Weather you have your whole check deposited or just a portion of it we can accept these deposits and distribute them anyway you would like. Sign up for direct deposit/payroll deduction today…it’s the safe and convenient way!

ATM/Visa Debit Cards
Our ATM or Visa Debit card can be linked to your regular share account for purchases and cash withdrawals at ATM machines. To find a surcharge free ATM machine near you please visit Alliance One's web site.

Visa Gift Cards
Give the gift that is guaranteed to fit. We sell Visa Gift Cards for every occasion.  Stop in today and purchase the “perfect” gift.

Special Member Discounts
Throughout the year we offer our Members discounted admission rates to the following amusement parks and movie theaters:  Six Flags Great America, Cedar Point, Kings Island, Holiday World, Indiana Beach, Deep River Water Park and Goodrich movie theaters.

We also offer savings and discounts. Our members can save money on their phone service with Sprint. We have also partnered with Cuna Mutual and Liberty Mutual to offer our members discounts on Homeowners Insurance, Car Insurance, or Rental Insurance. Be sure to mention that you are our member to unlock your membership benefits.

Draft (Checking) Products

Draft Account
We offer a Free checking account with NO minimum balance requirements. Northern Indiana F.C.U. provides you with your first 50 checks for free.  Make us your primary financial institution; have your paycheck directly deposited into your N.I.F.C.U. FREE checking account.

Visa Debit Card
Our Visa Debit Card is the fast, easy and convenient way to make purchases and access cash. It’s like carrying two cards in one. Our debit card allows you to make cash withdrawals from your savings account as well.  

24 Hour Account Access

Northern Indiana F.C.U. offers you two great ways to access your account at your convenience 24 hours a day!

Perfect Teller Home Banking – Perfect Teller is our online banking system that allows you to view your account, make payments and transfer funds from the convenience of your very own computer. At home or at work our home banking offers you a safe and convenient way to access your account. Sign up today!

Sybil -  Sybil is our 24-hour Telephone Teller that allows you access to your account from any telephone when it is convenient for you. Just remember to dial “HI SYBIL”! (877) 447-9245  

E-Z Pay FREE Online Bill Payment 
This is a service that is available to members with a checking account. Never pay for another stamp again!  Pay your utility bills, credit cards, loans even your child’s daycare right from your N.I.F.C.U. checking account without having to write out a check.  The payment possibilities are endless! To try a demo of bill pay:

Online Bill Pay - Test Drive Demo

Overdraft Protection
Because we know even the most careful members can make mistakes, we will automatically cover a bounced check by transferring the appropriate funds from your savings account for a small fee.  

Northern Indiana Federal Credit Union offers a wide variety of products and services to our members to assist in filling their financial needs.  Service fees are subject to change and reflect the cost of providing these services to our members.