Whatever your needs and goals, we have the accounts to help you succeed.

Please call 219-942-3377 to discuss all of our account options with one of our team members.

Free Checking Accounts (Draft Accounts)

A checking account at Northern Indiana FCU is a smart choice:

  • No transaction limits
  • No minimum balance requirements
  • No monthly fees
  • Overdraft protection up to $500.00
  • Free Visa┬« debit card
  • Free online and phone banking
  • Free direct deposit and payroll deduction

Youth Checking

Teach your teen the importance of smart money management with this great starter checking account. Must be jointly opened with a parent/legal guardian.

Savings & Investment Accounts

Share Savings Account

This account establishes your membership with the credit union and provides access to all of our products, programs and services.

Money Market Accounts

We offer a tiered rate account designed to provide you with the best return based on your current balance, from $2,500 to $50,000.

Youth Savings (Custodial Accounts)

This account can be opened for your child, with a custodian required to be on the account until the minor has reached 21. Interest is earned tax free up to $600, and your child is not allowed to perform transactions.

Holiday & Club Accounts

Set up automatic transfers from another account into a club account to ease larger planned expenses by saving a little all year long.

Share Certificates (CDs)

Earn higher dividends by keeping your savings deposited for a fixed length of time. The minimum deposit and balance required is $500. Terms range from 90 days to two and a half years.

Individual Retirement Account (IRA) CDs

An IRA CD is a safe, sound and tax-deferred option for your retirement savings. The minimum deposit and balance required is $500. Terms range from 90 days to two and a half years.

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To report a card as lost or stolen please call 1-800-449-7728. If you are out of the country you can call collect at 1-727-299-2449 to make a report.

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